message from director

I did my graduation in journalism in 1986 but learnt journalism only after joining newspaper and by seniors in newsroom. There was no system of internship at that time. It was very difficult to convince senior journalists that we know something about journalism as a students of specific subject and can be helpful in newsroom. Things have changed far from that period but a perception about newcomer newsman in newsroom has not been improved. Media industry feeling about newcomer journalist who is coming directly from institutes or universities has not so strong that they can perform as per their expectations. Media industry is bound to hire raw breed of journalists and train them as per their requirement. As the industry is growing at a faster pace it requires a new and young journalist who can perform well as soon as they can. As an employer I have strongly felt that new journalists are not aware of the fact that what type of capabilities they require to start with. Many of them even don’t know typing which is must to start work. They even do not care about the language in which they want to start communication. A newcomer in newsroom require to be well versed with system in which they have to perform. What requires first and what should be the next step. Colleges and institutes have started making studio and recording rooms. They are doing some kind of experiments with the students. They are practicing with them but since very few have practical knowledge of the medium so they failed to improve on real ground. As we have a great panel of working journalist in our team, I can say with confidence that if you choose to work and learn with us no point that you will grab success in your desired field very soon. thanks.