Learning is a continues process and I really mean it, so in the past 25 yrs, I worked with all types of Media – Print, TV, Digital and Radio to work and to learn.

I have written more than 200 articles for Edit Page in different Newspapers and some of my articles were translated in Urdu and English and French which were published in the newspapers of Pakistan, the USA and France.

During my journey of journalism, I worked as Editor of LOKMAT, AVADHNAMA, (both Print) TAHLKA NEWS.Com (Digital) and National Voice (TV) and now giving my services to Jubilee Media Ventures.

My curious mind pushed me always and as a result of this, I assisted renowned Radio Producer Mr. Alen Ury of BBC London, gave my contribution to the famous TV show “Satyamev jayate , which was the production of Amir Khan Films.

No need to say that the force behind this was – “Eager to Learn”. 

Now when we are starting this academy, The only purpose is to prepare future journalists with our experiences and learning.

I assure you that In JMA no one will preach you, but brush your talent only to groom as a good professional in the field of media.

This is our commitment.


Email ID utkarshks1@gmail.com